Vintimar Inc.

Other services provided by Vintimar include: 

● Support and troubleshooting of yacht monitoring and control systems from companies such as DMC, VIS, 
  IIS, Airpax ED&D (E-Plex), Pizzorno & Lini (Antares on Perini sailing yachts) and Intelisea (on Westport
● Upgrade of Ricom EAS2500 systems.
● Integration of Woodward Engine Control Systems with existing monitoring systems.
● Troubleshooting of integrated bridge systems.
● Navigational NMEA data related troubleshooting and support.
● Troubleshooting and repair of GWK tank sensors and transmitters. 
● Repair of Noris RPM (frequency) to voltage converters.
● Troubleshooting and fast repair of Schneider Electric / PML 3300 ACM and Siemens 4300 power meters.
● Resellers for Hatteland and Nauticomp fully dimmable marine displays.
● Transas software support.  Reseller for Transas marine charts and software products.
● Repair of Mathers Master Control LED panels, CMore and Beijer HMI displays.

● Siemens S5 to S7 PLC (Step5 to Step7) conversions.
● Siemens S5 and S7 PLC (S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400) support and troubleshooting. 
● Siemens LOGO module programming and support.
● Programming, troubleshooting and support of operator panels from Siemens, Maple Systems, Exor UniOP.
● Profibus and Modbus component and network support, programming, interfacing and troubleshooting.
● HMI application troubleshooting, support, upgrades and migrations for Wonderware, iFix, Fix32,
   Factorylink and others.
● Phoenix Contact IBS (Interbus) controller upgrades in Simatic systems.
● MTL Open Systems Technology (MOST) I/O95 troubleshooting, support, repair and upgrades.
● Transition Technology / Cegelec / MTL GEMSMART (Gem Smart) module repair.
● Siemens Simatic PLC support for Wemhoener Laminating Presses.
● Danieli Ceda steel plant Siemens automation support.
● Pomini grinding machine Simatic control support.
● Roesler finishing line Siemens PLC support.
● Xytec robot control for Husky injection molding systems.
● Autotec Digital Ag printing machine Siemens PLC troubleshooting and support.
● BST EKR 1500 web guiding system troubleshooting and support.
● Janssen Kessel (Christiaens Controls) Composting and Growing Systems Siemens PLC troubleshooting
  and support.
● Impresstik labeler troubleshooting and support for bottling facilities.  Including repair of PMAC motion
   control cards, Siemens S5 PLCs and Uticor displays.
● Draeger gas sensor calibration and interfacing.
● Overbeck Schleifmaschinen 400IR grinding machine Siemens PLC support.
● Generation of large facility maps for use with Vidsys PSIM.
● Repair of Pelco Genex Multiplexers and Spectra CCTV cameras, Hatteland displays, Omega process
   controllers, CMore HMI displays and Intertial sensors.
● Upgrade of PLC in Tru-Roll theater curtain and masking screen PLC control system.
● PLC support of Jagenberg 125 paperboard carton folder gluer machines.

● Radionics security system support and troubleshooting.